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Become a Mobile App Business Development Partner by selling $400/yr ads and promoting our upcoming mobile app. We are launching the Mobile App this month and it was created for the purpose of raising money for Cancer Research, Education and Support. We have a directory of downtown businesses that offer deals and discounts and with the donation of $20 or more, the app unlocks access to the deals.

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Make $3,000 per week by selling 3 downtown businesses per day 5 days a week. Your commission is $200/yr per downtown business. Accounts are paid as long as the downtown business remains your customer. No caps on commissions. Recurring commissions: at plan, you make $156,000 Year 1, $312,000 Year 2, $468,000 Year 3.

Cover Letter Topics
Why do you love downtown?
Why do you think you would be successful in this role?
Which cities/regions do you feel that you can manage?
Will you assemble and manage a team to apply for a larger territory?
How would you promote the app to encourage more users?

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Things to do in Yonkers, New York

Main Street of old Downtown Yonkers speaks to once what was and what could be once again. As Yonkers the community gathers, it leaves a pocket of opportunity for small business owners to come in and set up shop.Take a few minutes to explore what each downtown has to offer by viewing our directory below.

Downtown Yonkers is the place to buy jewelry offered by downtown merchants with a wide variety of lovely earrings, necklaces, bracelets and of course diamond rings. You are sure to find the top artisan brands and jewelry maker that brings a special touch to each piece offered.

Downtown Yonkers hosts several events per year for your listening enjoyment but visit your piano shop to learn how to play and possibly purchase your grand, upright or digital piano. Don't forget the specialty work involved such as tuning and moving which are performed by skilled technicians.

Downtown Yonkers brings the farming community under one marketplace to offer an assortment of locally grown fruit and vegetables. Traditionally, markets are restricted to anything grown so you can expect to see natural whole foods that are sure to please those working on their plant-based diets!

Downtown Yonkers can warm you up on a cloudy day or simply offer your daily perk by visiting your local coffee shop. Quality, purity and punch are targeted with coffee beans curated globally and locally roasted while being served fresh as it is made right in front of you. Order up!

Why do you love downtown?

Crstal Howley
Hoping to enjoy your downtown. This is my first trip!!!

Crystal Stewart
I grew up,visiting Emelton.

Darcie Maassen
I love Downtown because I love the beautiful historic buildings. It's a very pretty area aesthetically. I also appreciate the great variety of delicious dining within a small area. Favorites include Capers, Pomodori, Paisanos, Bricktowne Brewery, Elements Tapas bar, Porters, Larks and 4 Daughters. They are all within 4-5 blocks!

Manuel Del Jesus RamosVasconcelos
Nice Beat

Janet White
Never been but I love discounts! Going Today!

Restaurants in Yonkers, New York


299 South Broadway
Downtown Yonkers

20 North Broadway Tavern

20 South Broadway
Downtown Yonkers

Aqui me Quedo Restaurant

204 Saratoga Avenue
Downtown Yonkers

Antojito Restaurant

350 South Broadway
Downtown Yonkers

Arzo Corp

18 North Broadway
Downtown Yonkers

Arcela's Restaurant

180 South Broadway
Downtown Yonkers

Assenzio Restaurant Group

104 Bobolink Road
Downtown Yonkers


59 Main St
Downtown Yonkers


2 Executive Plaza
Downtown Yonkers

Alpha Wembly Restaurant Corp

39 Palisade Avenue
Downtown Yonkers

Arte Restorante

134 Heights Drive
Downtown Yonkers

3 Square Meals

667 Nepperhan Avenue
Downtown Yonkers

American Taste Corp

464 South Broadway
Downtown Yonkers

A&J Restaurant & Bar

33 Lockwood Avenue
Downtown Yonkers

Altha Bar & Restaurant

167 Elm St
Downtown Yonkers

92 Buena Vista Avenue

92 Main St
Downtown Yonkers

Alvarez Enterprises

299 South Broadway
Downtown Yonkers

Downtown Yonkers Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Yonkers can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

Bring an actual credit card to avoid deposits and pre-authorizations consuming money in your checking account which will reduce your available balance. Hotels that accept paper cash often ask for a hefty deposit to cover potential damages in your room leaving you scrambling to find an ATM.

Always announce during booking if the trip is for a special event, anniversary or reunion. Group rates can be pre-negotiated and you may qualify for a lower cost and better upgrades for your stay. If you are the one setting up the event, always work directly with the front desk manager to make sure the best service is offered to your party.

Other sources of noise can be opening and closing trash dumpsters and also during collection by garbage trucks. Another great question is if they have any renovation plans, or underway that could affect your ability to relax. Pack earplugs and eyeshades!