Downtown Weymouth, Great Britain

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Things to do in Weymouth, Great Britain

Main Street of old Downtown Weymouth speaks to once what was and what could be once again. As Weymouth the community gathers, it leaves a pocket of opportunity for small business owners to come in and set up shop.Take a few minutes to explore what each downtown has to offer by viewing our directory below.

Downtown Weymouth makes shopping for wine and other spirits easy by bringing an incredible collection sourced from local, regional well-known producers from around the World. Hit the wine tasting events and stock up on your favorite choice to be shipped home for your convenience.

Downtown Weymouth brings the farming community under one marketplace to offer an assortment of locally grown fruit and vegetables. Traditionally, markets are restricted to anything grown so you can expect to see natural whole foods that are sure to please those working on their plant-based diets!

Downtown Weymouth is the place to plan your wedding. You'll be spending a lot of time downtown as there are so many wonderful shops to find invitations, photographers, bakers, caterers and jewelers. Planning your wedding will be a breeze with so much support from local merchants to make a perfect and memorable day.

Downtown Weymouth is the place to buy jewelry offered by downtown merchants with a wide variety of lovely earrings, necklaces, bracelets and of course diamond rings. You are sure to find the top artisan brands and jewelry maker that brings a special touch to each piece offered.

Why do you love downtown?

Crystal Stewart
I grew up,visiting Emelton.

Joyce gugger
Very relaxing ! Nice folks on the west coast

We're visiting from Portland and we love the laid back atmosphere of this town. It is a clean and friendly town!

Kathy Tidmarsh
will be staying in Aug. 2017 and looking forward to enjoying your town

Holly Harms
We are visiting for the first time!

Restaurants in Weymouth, Great Britain

Downtown Weymouth Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Weymouth can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

Always find a reason to email the front desk manager in hotels that you plan to visit again. Tell them what they did right and express your plans to stay again and ask what opportunities there might be for frequent discounts or upgrades on your next visits. If you become friends with the manager, you just might get the friends and family rate some day.

Policies vary on the availability of pet friendly rooms to it is wise to be open, honest and upfront during the booking process. You may find yourself kicked out or even paying a large deposit if you are not in a pet-friendly hotel and bring one anyway. New ADA laws are fuzzy though as service animals are not required to be documented and proprietors are legally not allowed to ask if the animal is a pet vs. a service animal.

Elevators are notorious for being a nuisance so ask to be roomed on the top floor and as far away as possible. Most hotels book nearby rooms last so hopefully they have availability elsewhere.

Clifton Hotel
6 Queen Street

Gleneagles Guest House
8 Lennox Street

The Channel
93 Esplanade

Lacey's Guest House
12 Holland Road

The Rosefield
20 Dorchester Road

Melcombe Villa Guesthouse
15 Gloucester Street

Heathwick House
Knights in the Bottom Chickerell

Hotel Mon Ami
143-145 The Esplanade

Beach View Guest House
3 The Esplanade

Birch House B&B
31 Icen Road

Harlequin Guest House
9 Carlton Road South

Wenlock House
107 The Esplanade

Greenlands Guest House
8 Waterloo Place

Moonfleet Manor Hotel
Moonfleet Manor Hotel

Weatherbury Hotel
7 Carlton Road

13 Holland Road

The Clarence
20 The Esplanade

Premier Hotel
121 Esplanade

George Hotel - B&B
65 Dorchester Road

Pink House Bed and Breakfast
122a Dorchester Road

A Maiden Rest
117 Esplanade

Sherborne Hotel
116 The Esplanade

Valentine Guest House
1 Waterloo Place

Beachcomber Guest House
6 Waterloo Place

Olivers Guest House
12 Waterloo Place

B&B Weymouth
68 The Esplanade

Langham Hotel
130 The Esplanade

The Cavendale
10 The Esplanade

Arcadia Guest House
7 Waterloo Place

Charlotte Guest House
5 Commercial Road

The Lugger Inn
30 West Street

The Wilton Guest House
5 Gloucester St

The Royal Oak
52 Dorchester Road

Southville Guest House
5 Dorchester Road

Kings Arms Weymouth
2 Front Street

The Alexandra Hotel
27-28 The Esplanade

Weymouth Sands
5 The Esplanade

Gresham Hotel
120 Esplanade

Barnes's Rest
165 Dorchester Road

Old Castle Hotel
5 Sudan Road

12-18 Dorchester Road

The Pebbles - B&B
18 Kirtleton Avenue

The Stanley Guest House
14 Kirtleton Ave

St. Johns Guest House
7 Dorchester Road