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Downtown Napa, California

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Downtown Merchants
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Things to do in Napa, California

Main Street of old Downtown Napa speaks to once what was and what could be once again. As Napa the community gathers, it leaves a pocket of opportunity for small business owners to come in and set up shop.Take a few minutes to explore what each downtown has to offer by viewing our directory below.

Downtown Napa gives several options to find the right piece of art as it takes time and a diligent effort to get just the right piece. Shopping for art downtown is the best way to locate your next purchase.

Downtown Napa helps you expand your skills and learn some new ways to expand your artisan flare? Sign up for classes at your kitchen supply store, yarn shop, art and craft shop and photo gallery. You'll be having great fun with your new friends as you you take on that next project.

Downtown Napa offers on-the-go dining when you visit your favorite food truck. Pick up some corn tortilla tacos with freshly made pico with a fresh squeeze of lemon to give your day a boost. Food trucks can offer a wide variety of niche ethnic blends.

Downtown Napa has that special dining venue and you are sure to find something to please with numerous meals served to satisfy each palette. A wide variety of restaurants and delis are available to choose from with a nice selection of entrees and especially desserts.

Why do you love downtown?

Megan H.
I love being able to browse a variety of my favorite restaurants and bars, all within easy walking distance of convenient parking. Enjoying local fare and live music downtown after a grilling day at the office makes every day feel like the weekend.

Jennifer Wagner
First time downtown!

Gen McClelland
going for my 1st visit in beginning of August

Community, responsiblity, friends who feel like family. Every downtown has it's own culture, something not experienced in the mall or at big box stores. Merchants are the cornerstone of our local economies.

Jerretta O'Haver
Heading Downtown in August 2017 !

Restaurants in Napa, California

Believe Band

28 Westwood Avenue
Downtown Napa

Bella Cucina Catering

2245 Third St
Downtown Napa


1026 1st St
Downtown Napa


1104 Juarez St
Downtown Napa


47 Catania Lane
Downtown Napa

Any Thyme

101 South Coombs St # G
Downtown Napa


3900 Bel Aire Plaza # D
Downtown Napa

Alex Italian Restaurant

1140 Rutherford Road
Downtown Napa

Bay Leaf Restaurant Co

2025 Monticello Road
Downtown Napa

Downtown Napa Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Napa can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

Policies vary on the availability of pet friendly rooms to it is wise to be open, honest and upfront during the booking process. You may find yourself kicked out or even paying a large deposit if you are not in a pet-friendly hotel and bring one anyway. New ADA laws are fuzzy though as service animals are not required to be documented and proprietors are legally not allowed to ask if the animal is a pet vs. a service animal.

Most hotel offer a complimentary breakfast bar or even a full cafe meal with your choice of a full menu. Keep in mind that some offer nothing at all so it is a good idea to pack a few packets of instant oatmeal for a quick and easy meal before you head out for the day.

Always find a reason to email the front desk manager in hotels that you plan to visit again. Tell them what they did right and express your plans to stay again and ask what opportunities there might be for frequent discounts or upgrades on your next visits. If you become friends with the manager, you just might get the friends and family rate some day.

Hilton Garden Inn Napa
3585 Solano Ave

Cedar Gables Inn
486 Coombs Street

The Westin Verasa Napa
1314 McKinstry Street

Motel 6 Napa
3380 Solano Avenue

Vino Bello Resort
865 Bordeaux Way

The Inn on First
1938 1st St

Napa Inn
1137 Warren St


McClelland Priest B&B Inn
569 Randolph Street

Bel Abri Napa Valley Inn
837 California Blvd

Silverado Resort and Spa
1600 Atlas Peak Road

Hillview Country Inn
1205 Hillview Ln

The White House Inn
443 Brown Street

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa
1815 Silverado Trail

The Carneros Inn
4048 Sonoma Hwy

La Residence
4066 Howard Ln

Wine Valley Lodge
200 S Coombs St

Napa River Inn
500 Main St

1801 First
1801 First Street

Napa Discovery Inn
500 Silverado Trail

River Terrace Inn
1600 Soscol Ave

1386 Calistoga Ave.