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Nautilus Dive Center

382 Kamehameha Ave
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935 6939

KTA Super Stores

321 Keawe St.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-3751

Joys Gift Shop

252 Kamehameha Ave
Downtown Hilo

(808) 969-6789

202 Tattoo

120 Keawe street
Downtown Hilo

(808) 969-7788

Hilo Aloha Wear

300 Kamehameha Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 969-7970

Hilo Farmers Market

Corner of Kamehameha Ave. & Mamo St.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 933-1000

Hilo Fine Art Center

224 Kamehameha Ave. Suite 104
Downtown Hilo

(808) 966-9995

Big Island Book Buyers

14 Waianuenue Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 854-6540

Ink 4 Less

138 Kinoole Street
Downtown Hilo


Bayfront Coffee, Kava & Tea Co.

116 Kamehameha Ave.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-1155

EightyTwo Creations

14 Makaala St, Suite D
Downtown Hilo

(808) 969-3670

Hilo Surplus Store

148 Mamo St.
Downtown Hilo


Wailanas Juice Bar

at the Downtown Hilo Farmers Market on the left side of Mamo street
Downtown Hilo

High Fire Hawaii Gallery & Studio

114 Kamehameha Ave.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-8380

The Oasis Caf

211 Kilauea Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 990-1961

Perfect Harmony

276 Keawe street
Downtown Hilo

(808) 934-0333

Stellas Place

271 Keawe Street
Downtown Hilo

(808) 961-2190

Island Edges Beads

265 Keawe St.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-3332

Extreme Exposure

224 Kamehameha Ave, Suite 103
Downtown Hilo

(808) 936-6028

Lucys Taqueria

194 Kilauea Ave.
Downtown Hilo



46 Waianuenue Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 339-7515

Hilo Sharks Coffee

41 Waianuenue Ave
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-8685

Tiny Bubbles

291 Keawe street
Downtown Hilo

(808) 895-5599

Bobs Jewlers Inc.

110 Kamehameha Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-8434

The Fireplace and Home Center

256 Kamehameha Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 339-9644

Surayas Indian Kitchen

174 Kamehameha Avenue
Downtown Hilo


Its Deja Vu

38 Waianuenue Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-0922

Hilo Seed & Snack

15 Waianuenue Ave.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-7355

Basically Books

160 Kamehameha Avenue
Downtown Hilo


KapohoKine Adventures

25 Waianuenue Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 964-1000

Island Naturals

1221 Kilauea
Downtown Hilo


Abundant Life Natural Foods

292 Kamehameha Ave.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-7411

South Seas Tattoo

269 Keawe street
Downtown Hilo


Moonstruck Patisserie

15 Furneaux Lane
Downtown Hilo

(808) 933-6868

Garden Exhange

300 Keawe Street
Downtown Hilo

(808) 961-2875

100% Moxie

318 Kinoole St. Suite #2
Downtown Hilo

(808) 961-0057

Studio 58

42 Wainuenue Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 961-5858

Big Island Candies

585 Hinano St.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-8890

Big Island Smokes

190 Keawe Street
Downtown Hilo


Le Magic Pan

64 Keawe Street
Downtown Hilo


Caf Pesto

308 Kamehameha Ave.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 969-6640

New Saigon

96 Kalanianaole Ave.
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-4564

Sig Zane Design

122 Kamehameha Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-7077

M. Claires Studio Boutique

Downtown Hilo


Cronies Bar & Grill

11 Waianuenue Avenue
Downtown Hilo

(808) 935-5758

Things to do in Hilo, Hawaii

Main Street of old Downtown Hilo speaks to once what was and what could be once again. As Hilo the community gathers, it leaves a pocket of opportunity for small business owners to come in and set up shop.Take a few minutes to explore what each downtown has to offer by viewing our directory below.

Downtown Hilo has several options for shopping for specialty food items that are not found in regular grocery stores. Shops tailored for "foodies" offer tastings of the products as well as scheduled culinary classes to perfect your skills. Shop for infused oils, salts and spices from around the World!

Downtown Hilo hosts several events per year for your listening enjoyment but visit your piano shop to learn how to play and possibly purchase your grand, upright or digital piano. Don't forget the specialty work involved such as tuning and moving which are performed by skilled technicians.

Downtown Hilo is a great place to rent a bike and take it for a ride around downtown. There are many bike shops that sell bike and accessories as well as provide service and tuning on your ride. Don't forget your helmet and other protective gear such as reflective gear, headlight and horn.

Downtown Hilo has the perfect game shop for both young and old. Your friends and family will enjoy hours of entertainment with a wide selection of board games, card games and games of skill. A perfect stop for travellers with kids and those seeking a new adventure for game night.

Why do you love downtown?

Diana wheelen

Sharon Wright
I like the idea of downtown merchants being more visible and that they are locally owned and operated. It's great to see what's available downtown and I look forward to the discounts as well. Being a history buff, I love see the architecture as it was back in the day which is lost in modern buildings. Downtown is charming, inviting and quaint!

Jeremy Holmes
Supporting small business downtown is a very real way to support your local community. Downtown businesses are locals, like us.

Sharon Skipton
Will be there in a week. Looks like a great town!

Mary Ann Schlumpberger
It is just a fun place to go! Love Blind Georges' popcorn

Restaurants in Hilo, Hawaii

B & S Aburamen

454 Manono St
Downtown Hilo

A Malfaton's Deli

201 Kinoole St
Downtown Hilo

Asami's Kitchen

308 Kilauea Avenue
Downtown Hilo


165 East Kawili St
Downtown Hilo

Adrienne C Oliver Interior

97 Haili St
Downtown Hilo

Ahokovi's Kitchen

1348 Kilauea Avenue # A
Downtown Hilo

Downtown Hilo Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Hilo can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

Other sources of noise can be opening and closing trash dumpsters and also during collection by garbage trucks. Another great question is if they have any renovation plans, or underway that could affect your ability to relax. Pack earplugs and eyeshades!

Not all online booking systems are fully integrated with hotel reservations systems so there is a chance that smaller hotels are hand entering your stay from a fax machine which leaves room for errors. Book directly with hotel to avoid any problems and ask for a price match if you find a better price online.

Always find a reason to email the front desk manager in hotels that you plan to visit again. Tell them what they did right and express your plans to stay again and ask what opportunities there might be for frequent discounts or upgrades on your next visits. If you become friends with the manager, you just might get the friends and family rate some day.