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Things to do in Carmel, California

Main Street of old Downtown Carmel speaks to once what was and what could be once again. As Carmel the community gathers, it leaves a pocket of opportunity for small business owners to come in and set up shop.Take a few minutes to explore what each downtown has to offer by viewing our directory below.

Downtown Carmel visitors are always welcome and you will receive exceptional service from local merchant-owners as opposed to staff at the big box retailers. We take the extra time to make sure that you how to make best use of your purchase and that you get exactly what you need.

Downtown Carmel helps you expand your skills and learn some new ways to expand your artisan flare? Sign up for classes at your kitchen supply store, yarn shop, art and craft shop and photo gallery. You'll be having great fun with your new friends as you you take on that next project.

Downtown Carmel shopping is better than online shopping so that you can touch, feel, smell and taste as an experience with an item before deciding to purchase it for yourself or as a gift. Local merchants have hand selected their inventory to provide a unique selection for your downtown.

Downtown Carmel thanks the collection of small business owners who devote their time and energy to make shopping downtown a great experience. Inventory offered downtown is shopped by the merchant buyer to bring the best products to your neighborhood.

Why do you love downtown?

Roberta Gomes
it's so quaint!

Friday Nelson
Just moved to Jacksonville. What an adorable little town!

Jennifer Moranda
Planning my first trip.

Patricia Majewski
So quaint and fun!

Don Nguyen
Am new to Cedar Park from California, would like to get a discount card and begin exploring Cedar Park.

Restaurants in Carmel, California

Anton & Michel

Mission St
Downtown Carmel


24381 San Juan Road
Downtown Carmel

Anton & Michel Restaurant

Mission St & 7th
Downtown Carmel


3665 Rio Road
Downtown Carmel

Arican Ltd

Mission St Btween 5th 6th Between
Downtown Carmel

Bahama Billy's

3690 The Barnyard
Downtown Carmel


San Carlos St
Downtown Carmel


Monte Verde & 7th
Downtown Carmel

A W Shucks

Ocean Avenue & San Carlos St
Downtown Carmel

Downtown Carmel Hotels

Finding the best hotel in Downtown Carmel can make or break the experience of your entire trip. Take a few minutes to explore what each hotel has to offer by viewing our directory below. Here are some tips to consider:

Avoid booking poolside for kids playing during the day and gatherings at night. Sound bounces off of the water and voices carry so ask for a room away from the pool either on the opposite side of the hotel or in higher floors.

Most hotel offer a complimentary breakfast bar or even a full cafe meal with your choice of a full menu. Keep in mind that some offer nothing at all so it is a good idea to pack a few packets of instant oatmeal for a quick and easy meal before you head out for the day.

Always find a reason to email the front desk manager in hotels that you plan to visit again. Tell them what they did right and express your plans to stay again and ask what opportunities there might be for frequent discounts or upgrades on your next visits. If you become friends with the manager, you just might get the friends and family rate some day.

Svendsgaard's Inn
San Carlos St And 4th Ave

Carmel Village Inn
Ocean And Junipero


Carriage House Inn
Junipero Between 7th And 8th

Hyatt Carmel Highlands
120 Highland Dr

Carmel River Inn
26600 Oliver Rd

Wayside Inn
7th Avenue & Mission Street

Dolores St And 8th Ave

L Auberge Carmel
Monte Verde at Seventh

Comfort Inn Carmel By The Sea
Ocean Ave & Torres St

Colonial Terrace
13th & San Antonio

Carmel Wayfarer Inn
4th Ave And Mission Ave

Junipero Between 5th And 6th

La Playa Carmel
Camino Real at Eighth Ave.

Carmel Valley Ranch
One Old Ranch Road

Carmel Resort Inn
Carpenter Street and Second Ave

Carmel Lodge
San Carlos St at 5th Ave

Coachman's Inn
San Carlos At Seventh

Monte Verde Ave at Ocean Ave

Candle Light Inn
San Carlos Street

Monte Verde Inn
On Monte Verde

Monte Verde at 6th Street


Best Western Carmel's Town House Lodge
NW corner of San Carlos St & 5th Ave

The Cobblestone Inn
Junipero between 7th and 8th

8205 Valley Greens Drive

Tradewinds Carmel
Mission And Third Ave

The Dolphin Inn
Corner Of 4th And San Carlos

Carmel Inn And Suites
5th And Junipero