Expand the footprint of our digital discount card.

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Sign up 50 downtown businesses & profit $10,000 per year for your cause.

When you sign up downtown businesses, you profit for your cause or charity! Our mobile app replaces plastic discount cards and puts the power of digital and social marketing to sign up new users and provides marketing for local businesses. Take part in the digital transformation of marketing your downtown on our nationwide ShopDowntown.org Mobile App.

Step 1:

Download the app by visiting: https://shopdowntown.org

Step 2:

Distribute our Flyer.

Step 3:

Contact us for your starter kit!

We have an incredible opportunity to raise funds for your cause, support small downtown businesses, help consumers save money, build communities all across America and raise money to fund cancer research, programs and services. Everyone wins!

ShopDowntown.org and the American Cancer Society (ACS) have launched a new program that provides discounts at local downtown stores throughout the country, while raising money to fund cancer research, programs and services. Shoppers who donate $20 or more to the American Cancer Society are eligible to receive a Digital Discount Card. Simply make a donation online, get your receipt verified, and unlock your deals and discounts on the app to save up to 15% off at participating businesses.

The ShopDowntown.org Mobile App will equip your fundraising teams with a way to generate donations that come in year after year! Help us fill out the App with businesses in your area and increase donations to your team by selling Ad space on the App to each downtown business. Businesses receive a huge benefit with high visibility Ad space on the App. You can use the App to sell more individual donations too, just show them the app and all the available discounts!


GOAL: raise money for your cause by selling Ad space to local downtown businesses.

COST: unlike traditional discount card programs, there is no upfront investment to join. Just start selling Ad space to local businesses in your area that are interested in supporting this great cause.

COMPLEXITY: no setup or complex organization of events. Just reach out to local businesses, collect their Ad payment and send us the Ad fee per business. Businesses will fill out the intake form to join the mobile app and we take care of the rest. You keep the remaining money for donations to your cause.

EXPECTED RETURN: high expected return. Example: sell 50 downtown businesses, receive $10,000 for your cause every year.

BEST PRACTICES: start with your favorite restaurant or store. We want to make this a win for everyone, if they are generous enough to support us we want to support them back by going to their place of business. Let businesses know you will share their deals and Social Media posts. That'll get more businesses interested and it’ll be easier to sell. Get your whole team to share their Facebook or Instagram so they get recognition for donating.

Visit shopdowntown.org to download the app and get businesses signed up! Contact us with any questions.