Vintage crate dog bed

Product Details

Pamper your pet while adding a bit of rustic charm and history to any room with a hand crafted and retrofitted vintage Orchard crate. Beautiful hand tufted removable cushion features 2″ high density foam covered in french linen and 7/8″ buttons with nickel brads. Replacement cushions available.

L – 22″
W – 16″
H – 12″

Your small dog loves to have their own bed with a soft pillow top to ease the bones on hard floors.  This is an innovative way to make use of a piece of agricultural  history by retrofitting an old fruit picking crate and adding a tufted cushion for a soft place to rest.  As dogs age the aches and pains from the joints can diminish the quality of life of your pet so by keeping them elevated in their own bed can alleviate the strain from the frigid floor.

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