Thank You Studio FuwaFuwa

Without hesitation, I recommend Megan Holmes of Studio FuwaFuwa as a proven and professional graphic designer and project manager in digital design and artistry. Megan is an incredible support system and she truly cares about the project at hand and has helped me achieve my goals in a seemingly effortless manner. Megan is passionate, driven and has the unique ability to capture my concepts and turn them into reality in a rapid turnaround with minimal rework. In addition, she is very pleasant and easy to work with.

I have worked with Megan on numerous projects for over a decade and her work helped me garner revenues in excess of $12 million in sales within sales channels that I coordinated while we worked together at I also witnessed her manage the email blasts which doubled revenue in her channel to nearly $2 million in sales per year as well. Over the course of my career with the company, I estimate that her economic value to the company easily exceeded $25 million in sales with her graphic design work.

Since then, Megan is always my support for any graphic design work for every project that I have involved myself in.

Most notably, I founded and operated Umpqua Energy and we developed an emission control system and named it EVOPAC. The Department of Energy awarded our company “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator” and we also won an award from the Department of Defense. When we were being considered, the DOE asked for artwork and a video to display and we had a short deadline to submit our entry. Megan quickly established our brand identity, logo, artwork, printed material, a banner for the tradeshow and a video that explained our technology.

Studio FuwaFuwa helped me achieve this award.

Having won the award, we were highlighted in Secretary Chu’s keynote address at the ARPA-E conference in 2012 (Link to Keynote Address). This attracted an acquisition of our company.

Secretary of Energy (2012) Dr. Steven Chu offers the ARPA-e keynote address.

Megan also led the graphic design work for my current project, She developed our brand identity, logo, copy, brochure, discount cards and window clings to place into downtown merchant’s windows. Again, capturing the message that every merchant wants to shout, “Shop Downtown”.

Again, I attribute the success of my projects to Megan’s services and would highly recommend her for any challenge that she accepts.

Daniel Wells, Founder of


We administrate the Shop Downtown Discount Card program for Downtown Merchant Associations. Funds from membership sales are donated to the Downtown Associations to further their missions.

As a participating merchant, Shop Downtown Discount Cards will bring in customers and drive sales at no cost to you until the sale is made at the discount you predetermine. Without having to guess or calculate the projected return on investment, you know what your ultimate cost will be to acquire and create loyal customers.

When you purchase a Shop Downtown Discount Card, you help support our neighbors and local economy. You also ensure great savings on a variety of products and services every time you patronize a participating member. In addition, with each Discount Card purchase, you’ll be helping to fund future marketing campaigns, which will promote these businesses and help us maintain a vibrant local economy. It’s a win/win situation.

Help support downtown businesses by buying or selling Shop Downtown Discount Card. The Shop Downtown Discount Card is being used as a fundraiser for future TV, radio and print advertising. The more cards we sell, the greater the visibility for downtown merchants. With your help, we will strengthen our local economy.

To learn more about how you can get your Shop Downtown Discount Card and begin saving today, discover a list of associated businesses, or how you can become a participating merchant, visit us at

Southern Oregon Gets 25,000+ Pageviews has one page per downtown and Southern Oregon Cities have collectively been viewed over 25,000 times. Most views are from people planning a trip or a visit which gives merchants the ability to market their business before a trip is made.

This data shows that our domain will attract clicks from the search results even when there are competitive options. People are looking to shop downtown – in person and online.

Downtown merchants benefit the most because we are promoting their physical locations in town and digitally online.

Direct Traffic From the Discount Card + Search Engine Optimization

As people receive the discount card, they type in the URL of to see the participating merchants and potential savings. This action is another signal to the search engines that the domain is healthy, popular and sought after. Search engines reward websites with higher rankings as their domain health improves. Higher rankings equal more traffic.

The most important influence on rankings is when another healthy website links to your website naturally. Over time, these links tell a story that your site is useful, relevant and deserves a healthier rating.

Our theory is to start a global program which will consolidate the domain health to be more effective in transferring that power back to downtown merchant e-commerce websites.

I liken this project to the scene from “Finding Nemo” where all of the fish are caught in the net and Nemo sees a way for all of the fish to swim together…

My vision is to create a page for every downtown in the World (complete), test the traffic patterns in my community (complete) and begin to grow in neighboring communities.