Businesses choose our credit card processing system to direct donations to any charity at no cost to them.

Automatic, passive, residual and sustainable funding.

Are you looking for a perpetual source of revenue to support your mission? Every business pays merchant processing fees! Now through our solution, we allow businesses to donate a portion of those fees to your favorite charity and supercharge your fundraising so you can give back to your community like never before!

Always wanted to give back but didn’t know how?

We help your business fund or increase your funding and support to your favorite IRS recognized charity (501c’s), with no expense to you. We take the portion of your credit and debit card merchant fees you are paying to the bank and give it to your charity of choice instead.

When you give back to your favorite Charity, Downtown Association or Chamber of Commerce you:

A Recent Case Study

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The System is Designed For

US and Canadian-Based Businesses who Accept Credit/Debit Cards that would like to support their favorite charity, with zero out-of-pocket or bottom-line expense.

US-Based IRS Approved Nonprofits who are in good standing that would like to receive automatic, passive, residual & sustainable unrestricted funding, with zero fundraising or grant writing, and no business donors ever writing you a check.

Benefits Include

How it Works

This is possible because Meridian Merchant Services, who, acting as your credit and debit card services provider, doesn't keep your merchant fees since they are a registered non-profit themselves through Meridian Foundation (IRS #45-3321239). This means what used to go to the bank, now goes to your favorite registered charity.

  1. Contact us to start a conversation
  2. Register your nonprofit at no cost to you
  3. Custom marketing collateral is provided that you can give to the businesses that support you so they can promote the fact they are supporting the organization.
  4. Businesses sign up with the merchant processor.
  5. You start collecting unrestricted funds passively each and every month.

What It’s Not

Credit Card Processing Rate Comparison

For a $1,000.00 charge on a Visa Rewards Card. Square or Stripe will charge $29.00. We would charge $19.50 for that same transaction. That is a 30%+ savings.

Get perpetual and unrestricted funding for your favorite charity. Contact us today!