Create a Nonprofit in Grange, Over

How To Turn Your Philanthropic DREAMS INTO A REALITY In LESS THAN 30 DAYS And Avoid Having To Learn Everything In The Nonprofit Space By Yourself!

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The Magic of A 501c3

Visionary entrepreneurs who believe in a cause, have a mission, want to have more impact, and provide even more for their families. Start a nonprofit organization and wake up revitalized each day with more exuberance, vitality, and energy. When people think about this, they get it, it makes sense, but they either don't know how to do it, they think it will take up too much time, or they wouldn't really know where to start, since it can feel like a huge undertaking by yourself. And we get it, we felt that also at the start, and just hearing the 501c3 name itself, sounds daunting and very complicated. If you could have a team of professionals there for you every step of the way, answering all those questions, and to provide reassurance that, "hey we got your back!" Guess What?? This is what the nonprofit creators team provides and they also help with things that come after how to form a nonprofit and the fundraising and getting grants.

Gain A Competitive Advantage with Free Grant Money

Get the Google Ad Grant. We help businesses, CEO's, and charitable driven people make more money and have more impact by creating a nonprofit, so they can harness cause based marketing to do more good in the world. When you are a 501c3 public charity and then acquire the Google ad grant, you now have a 6 figure marketing budget every year for life, if you stay compliant. Having thousands and thousands of dollars every month focused on getting your mission to the masses is what it's all about. Grants are free money that's awarded and recognized for certain requirements, you can access this!

The Power Of Having A Mobile App

Create a mobile app. Gain More Credibility When you have a nonprofit app and a charitable side of your business that say a % goes to. To either help your community or to help do more good in the world, activates reciprocity and influence faster. This means less "get to know your time." And more trust for you and your organization! Creating a mobile app holds that space in the pocket of your ideal avatar and your perfect customer. Having additional trustworthiness, reliability, and validity to your project can give you what you've been looking for.

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