Create a Nonprofit in Broken Bow, Nebraska

How To Turn Your Philanthropic DREAMS INTO A REALITY In LESS THAN 30 DAYS And Avoid Having To Learn Everything In The Nonprofit Space By Yourself!

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The Magic of A 501c3

Do you want to be more fulfilled? Start a 501c3 nonprofit, turn your philanthropic dreams into reality. Harness the power of charitable giving and really do more good in the world. With everyone seeming to be so busy nowadays, we can sometimes lose focus on what's most important in our lives. Or we take for granted the blessings each and everyone of us have living this American dream. Fresh air, shelter, food, water and so many more freedoms we personally have, starting a nonprofit organization helps others who need that helping hand. Creating joy, happiness, a moment of inspiration to a child in need, a mother needing assistance, a family not being able to afford to pay their bills or anything you can think of. This is why we do what we do at Nonprofit Creators and Shopdowntown, to spread kindness, generosity and fun to cause a ripple effect of good-will throughout your city, your town, your community, and the world.

Gain A Competitive Advantage with Free Grant Money

Get the Google Ad Grant. When you are a public 501c3 Nonprofit you get access to wonderful grants and a super awesome one called the google ad grant. This is $120,000 per year for life, or $10,000 every month in free advertising for select charities who meet the requirements. Having an extra 10k each month of free marketing budget to help announce your mission and your calling to drive sales, donations, and awareness to your cause is powerful. Having a head start and google backing your mission by providing these types of resources are absolutely incredible. Extra money in the form of advertising to help stand out from the competition can really supercharge your nonprofit business.

The Power Of Having A Mobile App

Create a mobile app. Mobile applications are what I like to call "anchors", not a big metal device used on ships, more so in the form of associating or attaching memories or triggered responses. When you have your brand that is anchoring positivity, impact, real change, love, connection, contribution and more this app elicits that every time they scroll past it. If you're able to occupy the headspace of your customers more time of the day and then think about you and your services consciously and subconsciously you are now driving the business for real growth and expansion!

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