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Kent-Coffey Furniture

You are likely here because you found the Kent-Coffey emblem within your furniture and you want to know more about how to price and the best way to sell your set. Most visitors have seen some of the internet listings from the East Coast and have set expectations for themselves on how to obtain top dollar. Maybe you have already attempted a Craigslist post to find a local buyer which brings lowball offers. Some collectors are willing to pay to have items shipped to complete a set but most of the time the item will end up re-homed in your area. We feel that your success will boil down to three factors:


The market expects nearly new items and are much more desireable than pieces that have been damaged. Hardware must all be accounted for and installed correctly and the pieces should be free from water stains, scratches, dents and gouges.


Mid-century modern furniture flooded the West Coast and items sell for a lower price as there is more inventory available. However, the East Coast has a pluthera of traditional furniture and Kent-Coffey furniture is highly desireable as the inventory is low in the area.


We suggest you hire a local appraiser endorsed by a local furniture reseller to get an accurate picture of your pieces in your area. Many people tend to get excited over pricing that East Coast furniture stores are listing Kent-Coffey pieces at and are hopeful to replicate their pricing strategy.

We partner with eBay
(Click Here) to Buy or List Kent-Coffey Furniture

Kent-Coffey Dressers

While Kent-Coffey produced full bedroom set, we display a collection of dressers to give a feel for the entire series. Kent-Coffey dressers are exquisite, full of character and really bring out the charm within the bedroom.

Kent-Coffey Impact
Kent-Coffey Hollywood Regency
Kent-Coffey Sceptre
Kent-Coffey Simplex-II
Kent-Coffey The Appointment
Kent-Coffey The Carolinian
Kent-Coffey The Elegante
Kent-Coffey The Erect-On
Kent-Coffey The Imperial
Kent-Coffey The Lancia
Kent-Coffey The Maisonnette
Kent-Coffey The Park Avenue
Kent-Coffey The Perspecta
Kent-Coffey The Pilot
Kent-Coffey The Sequence
Kent-Coffey The Sharon
Kent-Coffey The Tableau
Kent-Coffey The Wharton

My Experience "Selling" Kent-Coffey Furniture

Many people find, buy or inherit Kent-Coffey sets everyday and they look in the drawer, find the brand mark and go online to start researching their new possession to find some websites selling a dresser for two thousand dollars and think they hit a quick goldmine. I wrote this to caution you that I couln't find success in re-selling Kent-Coffey furniture or even consigning it at those price levels so I encourage you to consider that you aren't really cheating yourself if you sell Aunt Betty's dresser for $200 at your local thrift shop.

So I can't remember if I was between projects and simply had a ton of extra time on my hand or what the reason on how or why I jumped into my love for Kent-Coffey. Oh, I know what it was. My wife was dabbling in the furniture restoration business and it gave me the opportunity to take some trips with her throughout Oregon. She would Craigslist until she found ultra-low priced dressers that were in good shape and she quickly ran out of inventory within Southern Oregon.

To expand her search she looked through the Portland page which was great because we were due for a road trip so we hooked up the trailer and made some appointments around Portland metro and we picked up several inexpensive pieces like buffets and dressers and even a cool sideboard - all destined for the paintbrush and their new distressed look.

We were invited to look at a dresser and as we drove closer to the address we noticed that the size of the homes were much bigger, gated and very expensive cars in the driveway. I got really excited because we were in a great neighborhood and I wanted to see what they were tossing out. We get to the house and it is still in a great neighborhood but it was like one block away from the really big houses. Nonetheless we really scored some deals as they were moving for a job and everything had to go.

My eye ran across a pale green dresser that I couldn't really pass up on. It was a mid-century modern piece and the price was oh so right and I loved it because it had clean lines, no dings and all of it's original hardware. While my wife's strategy was towards antique or so cheap you can't pass it up, my taste apparently went towards the clean lines of the flower power era.

We barely made it home as we borrowed a rig that apparently had some electrical problems with it unbeknownst to us. Dodging a light rain with an open trailer and a car that would stop running when you turned the lights on and couldn't even make it on at an idle. So that part of the trip was a little stressful but we finally made it home without having to put the car into the shop.

While Heather was going through all of the pieces, I was still drawn to the pale green dresser from the almost really rich house. As she worked on other pieces we tried to match up a comp on the internet to try and find out more about the piece. We finally found a style that was similar to the dresser but it still did not quite match up but they had the stylings of Kent-Coffey, The Pilot but was still very, very different. We poured through the internet, focused on Kent-Coffey searches and we were amazed at the furniture maker.

Something that really stood out were the prices that we saw many websites sell the Kent-Coffey pieces for and we really got excited. Something that I always do is check for domain names and found kentcoffey.com and kent-coffey.com available at 1am one night and I got so excited and registered them both after performing an intellectual property conflict search. I had such a hard time sleeping that night because I thought that I tripped over something that was very valuable and sought after.

I started doing more research in the company itself and learned that the company was a low-end furniture make and was very popular in the 50's and 60's and turned out to be a very popular set maker in it's day. For some reason the company merged with a larger company and when they went belly up it destroyed Kent-Coffey's ability to stay in business. Very sad really.

I searched Craigslist further under the Kent-Coffey brand name and found a few sellers on the West Coast and I watched one posting in a town next to mine as they were asking a steep selling price as if they were listed on the websites. Since I had not yet actually put my hands on a Kent-Coffey bedroom set, I eagerly pursued a meeting and showing of their Kent-Coffey, The Sequence set. It was fantastic to see the brand stamp right where it should be and the items were in great condition. The owner's travelled a lot and were interested in cleaning out and closing their storage unit so I offered to consign the piece and store it at my house until it sold. Having the domain names helped me secure an agreement and I loaded the furniture in my truck and brought it home.

After posting their set on the domain name, I contacted other owners who had Craigslist posts and I urged them to allow me to post their furniture on my Kent-Coffey domain name. Several agreed and I had quite a few listings in a short amount of time as the offers coming Craigslist were lowball offers if they got an offer at all. I even grabbed my mom and we drove to Reno together and bought a Kent-Coffey, The Pilot dresser off of a Craigslist ad so I would own a piece of history that bore the name of the my new project.

So it's fair to share that my background is in internet marketing and my highest priority was to sell Kent-Coffey furniture for as much as I could as quickly as I could. While I was able to bring a lot of qualified traffic, no one would buy a single piece. I watched the other internet sites that sold Kent-Coffey furniture and noticed that they really didn't have any movement on their pieces as well. So I had a ton of lookers but absolutely no buyers.

I say all this to say is that if you are out in a thrift shop and you run across a Kent-Coffey piece, please buy it because you like it because they idea of flipping it to someone else is not a likely scenario. Unless you live in New York and you can get someone like Blackhorse to latch onto it and consign it for you. Another thing to keep in mind is which area of the country is "hot" for mid-century modern furniture as currently that would be the East Coast.

So that is my story on how I came to own this website and my experiences in trying to sell the furniture for the amounts that other website charge. Several people contact me through Facebook to see how much their furniture is worth and I am great with that but please take my story into consideration when forming high expectations as to the value of your collection. Quite simply, things are only as valuable as people are willing to pay. Do you know some designers who are starving for mid-modern century furniture? Give them a call right away because I just don't see the average Joe having a reliable outlet for high-end sales.

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