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Jerky is what we do best. Smoked steak strips have been our flagship product for years. We source the best beef inside top rounds in the north west. We carefully trim any fat, then we marinate and smoke them slowly over hickory chips. The result is an outstanding stick of jerky, every time.

“Rolls Royce of Jerky” – The Today Show
“Mmm, Meaty and Sweet” – New York Times

Traditional – Brown sugar and pepper. The perennial favorite.
Cajun – Spicy, but not too hot. World’s Jerky Exhibition winner
Teriyaki – Sweet, classic flavors of soy and tamari
Cracked Black Pepper – Traditional recipe, heavier on the cracked pepper.

Product Review
When I moved away my family would send a care package on occasion and upon request they would always send three or four packs of Gary West jerky.  I would chew off  a chunk and savor it by holding in my cheek like chaw for hours at a time.   I can’t remember what was my favorite flavor as they all were held in high regard.  The jerky is moist, full of flavor and easily chewed and you’ll enjoy every bite as I have for many years of my life.

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