Southern Oregon Gets 25,000+ Pageviews has one page per downtown and Southern Oregon Cities have collectively been viewed over 25,000 times. Most views are from people planning a trip or a visit which gives merchants the ability to market their business before a trip is made.

This data shows that our domain will attract clicks from the search results even when there are competitive options. People are looking to shop downtown – in person and online.

Downtown merchants benefit the most because we are promoting their physical locations in town and digitally online.

Direct Traffic From the Discount Card + Search Engine Optimization

As people receive the discount card, they type in the URL of to see the participating merchants and potential savings. This action is another signal to the search engines that the domain is healthy, popular and sought after. Search engines reward websites with higher rankings as their domain health improves. Higher rankings equal more traffic.

The most important influence on rankings is when another healthy website links to your website naturally. Over time, these links tell a story that your site is useful, relevant and deserves a healthier rating.

Our theory is to start a global program which will consolidate the domain health to be more effective in transferring that power back to downtown merchant e-commerce websites.

I liken this project to the scene from “Finding Nemo” where all of the fish are caught in the net and Nemo sees a way for all of the fish to swim together…

My vision is to create a page for every downtown in the World (complete), test the traffic patterns in my community (complete) and begin to grow in neighboring communities.

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